The past decade has seen a number of changes to the Thai education system. There have been significant investments, with more than one quarter of the Thai government's spending devoted to the education sector.  Despite this investment the performance of the Thai education sector both nationally and internationally continues to decrease. The current educational system does not provide sufficient opportunities for students to develop critical thinking skills, analytic skills and evaluation skills. Students are increasing ill-equipped to think and act in ways that enhance community, and togetherness. 

Thammasat University recognised these issues, and wanted to contribute to solving these important problems. It founded the Faculty of Learning Sciences and Education (LSEd) on 29 August 2014 with the vision of creating inclusive societies that learn and grow together.  

LSEd is a learning community that recognises and values the importance of learning based upon the interweaving of theory and practice, with compassion. LSEd aims to develop a society where people grow both intellectually and spiritually. 

Faculty members come from a variety of disciplines, including: sciences and technology, mathematics, education, behavioural sciences, sociology, humanities and the fine arts.

LSEd believes that something as complex as education and schooling needs to be approached from multiple angles, perspectives and disciplines. Students are encouraged to learn beyond the classroom, in real life contexts.