James Burford, Ph.D

James Burford, Ph.D


telephone : 02-564-4440 #1594

  • Ph.D. (Education)
    University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • MDevStud (with distinction)
    Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
  • B.A. (Political science)
    University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Academic writing
  • Cultural studies in education
  • Doctoral education
  • Embodiment
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Sociology of education
  • Queer theory

Refereed articles

Burford, J., Juntrasook, A., Sriprachya-anunt, W., Yeh, L. (2018). A contemplative approach to graduate writing development: Reflections from Thai writing classrooms. Canadian Journal for Studies in Discourse and Writing/Rédactologie, 28, 127-148.  

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Book chapters  

Sittichai, R., Ojanen, T. & Burford, J. (2018). “Tracing the connections between sustainable development, bullying and cyberbullying: The case of Thailand”. [In S. Verma & A. Petersen (Eds.) Sustainable development goals: Using developmental science to improve young lives globally – Springer Press] (In Press).

Burford, J. & Mulya, T. (2018). “Neoliberalism in Southeast Asian Universities: Picturing spaces for resistance and survival in Thailand and Indonesia”. [In D. Bottrell & C. Manuthanga (Eds.) Resisting Neoliberalism in Higher Education Volume I: Seeing through the Cracks – Palgrave Macmillan]. (In press).

Burford, J., Juntrasook, A., Poungsomlee, A., & Rumbold, B. (In Press). Contemplating the connections: Health promotion and spirituality in Asia. In V. Lin, S. Fawkes, K. Engelhardt & S. Mercardo (Eds.) Health promotion systems and strategies in Asia: Preparing for the Asian century. Springer. 

Burford, J. (2016). "Doctoral Induction Day: An ethnographic fiction on doctoral emotions" in Jan Smith, Julie Rattray, Tai Peseta & Daphne Loads (Eds.) Identity-work in the contemporary university: Exploring an uneasy profession, Sense Publishers.

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Notes/opinion pieces/reviews

Burford, J. (2017). Through a glass darkly: The social sciences look at the neoliberal university. Higher Education Research & Development, 36(6), 1305-1307. 

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Research grants 

Burford, J. Lucassen, MFG, Penniket, P. & Hamilton, T. (2013). "Educating for diversity: An informative evaluation of the Rainbow Youth sexuality and gender diversity workshops" (Source: Rainbow Youth $50, 000 NZD)  

Conference presentations 

Chamchoy, P. & Burford J. (June 2017). "Rituals of belonging in Thai universities: A case study of the contemporary reinterpretation of Rab Nong and Wai Khru rituals", The Australasian Association for Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies Conference, Auckland, New Zealand. 

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