Narupot Putwattana, Ph.D.

Narupot Putwattana, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Planning and Quality Development

telephone : 02-564-4440 #1597

  • Ph.D. (Biology)
    Mahidol university
  • M.Sc. (Environmental biology)
    Mahidol university
  • B.Sc. (Biology)
    Chulalongkorn University
  • Applied biology education
  • Innovation of science learning
  • Integrative science education
  • Environmental learning and education for sustainability
  • Applied agriculture for plant and soil resource in polluted regions

Putwattana, N., Kruatrachue, M., Pokethitiyook, P. and Chaiyarat, R. (2010). Immobilization of cadmium
          in soil by cow manure and silicate fertilizer, and reduced accumulation of cadmium in sweet
          basil (Ocimum basilicum). ScienceAsia, 36, 349-354.

Putwattana, N., Kruatrachue, M., Kumsopa, N. and Pokethitiyook, P. (2015). Evaluation of organic and
          inorganic amendments on maize growth and uptake of Cd and Zn from contaminated paddy
          soil. Int. J. phytoremediation, 17, 165-174.

Chaiyarat, R., Suebsima, R., Putwattana, N., Kruatrachue, M. and Pokethitiyook, P. (2011). Effects of
          soil amendments on growth and metal uptake by Ocimum gratissimum grown in soil.
          Cd/Zn-contaminated Water Air Soil Pollut., 214(1-4), 383-392.

Proceeding in Center of Excellence on Environmental Health and Toxicology at the Convention
          Center, Chulaphorn Research Institute, Bangkok, Thailand, 2555. Poster presentation of Cow
          manure and Zeolite on Uptake and Accumulation of maize grown in Cd contaminated soil.