Paveena Chamchoy, Ph.D.

Paveena Chamchoy, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Communications and Academic Services

telephone : 02-564-4440 #1594

  • Ph.D. (Drama)
    University of Exeter, UK
  • M.A. (Applied Drama)
    University of Exeter, UK
  • B.A. in Communication Arts (Performing Arts)  Second Class Honours
    Chulalongkorn University
  • Performance studies
  • Applied drama
  • Drama/theatre in/for education
  • Embodiment & experience
  • Body-mind, wellbeing
  • Culture and identity
  • Ritual and tradition
  • Buddhist theories & practices
  • Ethnography

Chamchoy, P. (2013) The efficacies of trance-possession ritual performances in contemporary
        Thai Theravada Buddhism, PhD thesis, Unpublished, Exeter: The University of Exeter.

Chamchoy, P. (2006) Phi-Fa Shamanic Ritual: Thai Northeastern Indigenous Therapeutic Drama,
        MA Dissertation, Unpublished, Exeter: The University of Exeter.