• Anuchat Puongsomlee, Ph.D. (Associate Professor)

    leadership, social movement, human ecology, natural resource management, civil society, public participation, professional learning community

  • Adisorn Juntrasook, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean for Academic Affair

    qualitative methodologies, discourse analysis, narrative inquiry, academic development, leadership, higher education studies, contemplative education, transformative learning

  • Athitha Kongsup
    Associate Dean for Organizational Culture

    group process, group facilitation, nonviolent communication, dialogue, coaching, counseling, transformative learning, holistic learning

  • Putthachat Angnakoon, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean for Research and Information

    learning analytics, instructional technology, knowledge sharing, human performance technology, research productivity

  • Kitti Kongtuk, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean for Student Affair

    Music Education, Ethnomusicology, Musicology, Semiology of Music, ethnography

  • Assist. Prof. Tana Nilchaikovit, M.D.
    Senior Professional

    Transformative Learning

    Contemplative Education

    Group Facilitation


    Holistic Learning

    Coaching and Mentoring

  • Narupot Putwattana, Ph.D.
    Assistant Dean for Planning and Quality Development

    applied biology education, innovation of science learning, integrative science education, environmental learning and education for sustainability, applied agriculture for plant and soil resource in polluted regions

  • Paveena Chamchoy, Ph.D.
    Assistant Dean for Corporate Communication and Networking

    performance, applied drama, drama/theatre in/for education, embodiment & experience, body-mind, wellbeing, culture and identity, ritual and tradition, Buddhist theories & practices, ethnography

  • Assist. Prof. Sittichai Wichaidit, Ph.D.
    Assistant Dean for Education

    Science Education 

    Science Teaching

    Innovations in Science and Technology for Development

    Measurement and Assessment of Science Learning

  • Timo Tapani Ojanen
    Assistant Dean for International Relations

    Sexual and gender diversity, Educational institutions: Safety and inclusivity, Violence, Bullying, Mental health, Counseling, Healthcare services: Accessibility and acceptability, Diversity training

  • Fon Ninkhate, Ph.D.

    Research methodology, Organisation theory, Management and delivery of welfare services, Policy evaluation

  • Wasana Sriprachya-anunt, Ph.D.

    Case Study Research, Museum Education, Informal Learning, Educational Inequality, Parental Involvement in Early Learning

  • Linda Yeh, Ph.D.
    Director of Bachelor Program

    Gifted education, inclusive education, personal development and human potential, human intelligence, learning diversity and individual differences

  • Surawit Assapun, Ph.D.

    learning theories, motivation, positive psychology, cognitive psychology, learning engagement, career education for teacher, group dynamic

  • Samoekan Sophonhiranrak, Ph.D.

    educational technology, blended learning, e-learning, creative thinking, creative problem solving

  • Akara Metasuk, Ph.D.

    brain-based learning, learning and memory, memory coding and decoding, brain-machine interface, sustainable learning

  • Sarunwit Promsaka NS., Ph.D.

    disaster risk management integrated into urban planning, public space design for increasing people interaction and enhancing social learning, applying communication tools for planning and spatial planning, developing tools for communicating with social agents and communities

  • Tida Tubpun, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor)

    inclusion - society and education, interdisciplinary teaching, Intervention for children with learning disabilities (reading, math), disability study (meaning, understanding and beliefs)

  • Chalida Joongpan, Ph.d.

    biology of dinosaurs, biodiversity, biogeograpgy and evolution of living thing, evolution of leaning, biodiversity and environmental learning for sustainable development, evolution and palaeontology implication for science education, natural science teaching

  • Titikarn Assatarakul, Ph.D.

    Demographic Analysis, Education System for Ageing Society, Intergenerational Learning,  Lifelong Learning

  • Iyared Boonyarit, Ph.D.

    Cultural Studies, Folklore, Anthropology, Enthnomusicology, Ethnic Studies, Ethnography

  • Narut Supawantanakul

    Sexual and Gender Diversity, Sexuality Education, Identity, Diversity and Learning , Politics and Educational Reform, Cultural Globalization and Education

  • Ganon Koompraphant

    Migration Studies, Qualitative Research Methodologies, Oral History, Violence, Narrative Inquiry

  • Cody Freeman
    Foreign Expert

    Sexual and gender diversity, International Educational Development, International & Transcultural Studies, LGBT Studies

  • ดร.ศุภฤกษ์ รักชาติ

    Educational Research Methodology, Computer for Educational Research, Research Project Management, Games for Learning,Thai Studies

  • U-lacha Laochai

    Education Policy Formulation, Education Reform, Politics and Policy in Education, Opportunity in Education and Social Equity,

    Curriculum Development